Farm House


We are open for limited hours during our Shelter In Place. We are so grateful for the clients supporting us during this time.


We are committed to providing wholesome, home made food, in a sanitary and safe environment.

We will be changing our menu – DAILY, so please check back often!


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Restaurant Precautions

We are committed to keeping you safe!

The folks in the kitchen are always gloved up.

For the person packaging your order, we put on a fresh pair of gloves for EACH order. These gloves are used to pack your meal, and deliver to your order to you. After delivering to your car, we immediately dispose of the used gloves, and put on a fresh pair for the next order.

We maintain a strict 6 foot distance between clients. Clients are never allowed in the restaurant. We have implemented a “no contact” policy.

We follow strict handwashing and disinfection protocols.

Arrival Instructions

When you arrive to pick up, please text us on the number provided on your order or call the restaurant (voice only) at 650-593-7311. Let us know what car you are in, and kindly open the trunk for us.

Please do not come up to the door or wait near the door. If you walked here and wish to wait outside, kindly wait near the picnic tables. This is for your safety.

Keep a 6-8 foot distance from the door at all times.

We will bring your order to your car and place it in the trunk. We will not hand your order directly to you. If you walked here, then we will place the order on the picnic table for you to pick up.

Must. Drink. Wine

30-50% off ALL WINES!

We have a wonderful inventory of very high quality wines. Our full wine list from the restaurant is below, however we are offering 30-50% off of these prices! We guarantee it’s the same price or better than you’ll find in the stores. And you won’t even have to leave your car.

If ordering online, please order your food online and then call us to add the wines to your order. We will manually add them in.


Coming Soon!

We’re in the Moooood for Doughnut and Coffee Weekends!

Get it on the moooove

Get it on the Moooove… Delivery

We have partnered with Door Dash and Grub Hub to provide food delivery, but please order directly through us when possible.